Gypsy Bacon or Hungarian Smoked Bacon

Gypsy bacon is well known since it is an old-fashioned type of bacon which has been there for so many years. The gypsy community world-wide has prepared it over the years using paprika and garlic making it irresistible to eat. It is similar to Hungarian bacon which is a Hungary traditional cuisine. It is a smoke cured bacon with a hard top layer known as the rind. One can purchase it in Hungarian or German delis or meat stores.

For an enjoyable delicacy at your backyard with your loved ones’, gypsy bacon and a cold beer is the best meal ever. It comes in a full pack of a tasty flavor that leaves you asking for more. Although it is cured, the bacons need some cooking to make it yummier and healthy to eat. Note that one should hold it over the fire when the rind is still on.

The best way to have your gypsy bacon cooked is to use a grill or an open fire in order to bring out the smoky flavor which attracts you from a distance due to its sweet smell.

How is gypsy bacon prepared?

  • First, cut through the rind and make approximately 1-inch-deep and then cut it in to small squares of about 3 by 3 inches. Season it with some spices to add some flavor. Take a skewer or a long fork and use it as a holder by sticking either of the object to the bacon.
  • Have the bacon over the fire and wait it to sizzle until the rind shrinks and curls. when it is completely cooked sprinkle some paprika and garlic which gives a mouth-watering taste.
  • To remove the bacon from the skewer hold it with a piece of rye bread which you fold around it and pull off the skewer or the folk.
  • Finally garnish the it with fresh sweet red onions which should be thinly sliced and also have some baked beans.
  • Serve with a cold drink of your choice to make it complete. Cold beer is the most advisable drink.

The fat collected from the gypsy bacon when burning it, is used on the vegetables which are prepared separately to complete the meal and make it more attractive. The vegetables should be fresh and well chopped, they may include onions, tomatoes, peppers radishes and lettuce.

The main purpose of the fat is to dress the vegetable salad. otherwise you can let the fat drip on the rye bread. Don’t hear stories from other, have the opportunity to experience this yummy cuisine for yourself.