Duck Bacon Whole Foods and Nutrition

Where does duck bacon come from?

Well basically Duck Bacon is bacon slices made from from the meat of a duck. I have listed theย duck bacon nutrition below in this article, with a breakup into all the different values.ย ย ย 
In more details Duck Bacon is made from the breast of the duck that rubbed with salt and sugar and then smoked. After that it is then slices so that it will take the more familiar form of slices bacon.

Is Duck Bacon Healthy? (Nutrition)

The short answer is: Yes. Duck Bacon is made from duck breast meat, it has around 50% less fat than traditional pork bacon, depending on different brands. So yes you will be able to find Duck Bacon which has a way lower fat percent. Just have in mind that sometime you have to use a bit more oil when cooking Duck Bacon.

Duck Bacon Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size – 1 slice (30g):
Calories 60
Total Fat 5g
Sat Fat 1.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholest 35mg
Sodium 290mg
Total Carb less than 1g
Protein 5g

These information is supplied from the Duck Bacon manufacture.

How do you cook Duck Bacon?

A few minutes in a skillet or in the oven, it’s crisp, delicious and ready to serve.

As with normal pork bacon, start with a cold pan then cook over medium to low heat, until desired crispness. Then place on a plate with paper towel so you can drain the fat.


Is Duck Bacon Halal og Haram?

Duck is Halal and therefore you should be able to eat it. But of course you have to check each of the suppliers to see if the include some ingredients/chemicals that are Haram, link below.
We haven’t found a brand that advertises that they are Halal but we have found and written another article aboutย Halal Bacon here.
Check here for Chemicals that are considered Haram.

When can i use Duck Bacon?

Duck bacon can be used just as you’d use normal bacon. Just make sure to check if the recipe is dependent on some of the fat from the bacon to cook, If so then just add a small amount of oil.


Where to buy Duck Bacon?

It is not something you normally can get from your local store thou some store due have it. Online thou you can get it we have listed some below.

[easyazon_table identifiers=”B00JRTZR94,B00N3844GC,B005AY0BBE,B01COA6B3I,B01DVIZEN0″ locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”infobacon-20″ text=”Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon (12 ounce)|Maple Leaf Farms Naturally Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon, 1 Pound — 5 per case.|Hudson Valley Duck Farm ‘Farm to Table’ Duck Bacon – 2.5 lbs (5 one half pound individual packets)|Duck Bacon, Four 8oz Packages|Maple Leaf Farms Naturally Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon Ends and Pieces, 5 Pound — 1 each.”]