What Wood Pellets to Use For Your Smoker?

If you are looking at where to buy pellets for smoker then look no further. But remember when you are buying pellets you have to consider if you are always smoking one type of meat or multiple. Maybe it would be nice to have a few flavors to switch between, you could smoke the bacon one day and the beef  the next, it opens opportunities for dinner.

That is why i have compiled a small list below so that you can get er good picture of what type of wood pellets you need BEFORE you just go out and buy some random wood pellets for your smoker. Remember that taste is king, like at famous burger chain once advertised.

But if you are just looking for the pellet bestsellers you can find em here. 

What Pellets To Use For What Meat.

ALDER:  With their mild flavor and aroma, these are the most allround pellets you can get. With the good amount of smoke that alder wood makes it is good but not overwhelming. That makes it good for more delicate foods like fish, chicken. A good dish to try with alder wood could be Bacon Wrapped Scallops the great it is good to catch the perfect wood fired taste. So if you are looking for a good allround wood pellet choose this. Find on Amazon
APPLE: Apple wood gives a light fruity smoke, which is good for poultry or pork. It help enhance til mild flavors. That is also why you often see apple smoked bacon. Find on Amazon
CHERRY: With a more heart smoke flavor cherry wood pellets are good for making Beef. If you are making Homemade Beef Bacon then cherry pellets are a good choice. Find on Amazon
HICKORY: For BBQ Hickory is probably the most used type of wood. The wood releases strong flavor and complements most meat. Some people due find hickory a little to strong, thus mixing it up with milder pellets like apple or oak. Find on Amazon
MAPLE:  Maple wood pellets is good to smoke pork, and being mild with a small hint of sweetness  makes it great for turkey. So remember that for the next thanksgiving.Find on Amazon
MESQUITE:  That super smoky flavor is great for recipes that are begging for a little something extra hearty smoke flavor. It is a favorite of Texas BBQs, so if that is the flavor you are looking for then get the mesquite.Find on Amazon
OAK: The smoke intensity of oak is in the middle ground. It is a little bit stronger than apple or cherry, yet lighter than hickory. It is good if you want to smoke your fish or your vegtables, being it separate or together. Find on Amazon
PECAN If you like the taste to be a nutty with a tad spicy then you should choose pecan. These pellets are great for poultry, beef and pork. Find on Amazon