Who is BaconInfo?

Who Is BaconInfo

BaconInfo.com is run by me, Mark Frøding. So who am i?

Well i am a family dad from Denmark. I have a education as a School Teacher and i also currently works as one. Before i have also worked as a Stage Tech building theatre sets and running the shows.

So Why BaconInfo

Well Honestly i have always loved Bacon.
But really that in it self isent really reason enough to create a site like this.
So why did i do it? Well i have always loved working on the computer. I created a Youtube channel 5 years ago. Just so i could have a reason to learn to record and edit videos.
So when my lovely wife gave me a book all about bacon for my birthday it all made sense for me i needed to create a blog concentrated about bacon.


The plan for BaconInfo

What is the plan for BaconInfo.com?
The plan with this page for me is to try an gather and share as much information about bacon as i can. That includes alot of differnt articles and recipies. So far i still have a list of more the 100 articles that i want to write and even more more recipies i want to share.
That being both in the written and video form.

So what is the plan for the future?
The plan for BaconInfo.com is to make it the biggest and the best website about bacon. A place where people from all over the world can come and get inspiration.